Special Event Poop Scooping

Special Event Service

We offer one-time residential or commercial collections as well as collection before or after an event. If you’ve ever moved into a new home and had the previous tenant leave a mess behind inside or outside, you may know what we mean.  Nobody really likes to clean up after their own dog, much less a total stranger’s.  Just give us a call and we’ll be on the job lickety split to clear that unwanted stranger-danger waste away.  Then you could start fresh with your own maintenance program with us.

Maybe the member of your family who usually does the deed is out of town, or ill.  We can be there to pick up the slack, just this once or into perpetuity.  It’s all your call!  If you just can’t focus on one more thing this holiday season, maybe it’s time to get us out and get that lawn scooped up before your in-laws show up for their week-long stay.  Call us again when they depart with their yippy trio of little land-mine-leavers and we’ll get you good as new.  Getting your lawn or commercial space back to square one is easy when you call us! Hosting events and parties becomes much easier when you don’t have to worry about the pet waste management part of things!  Imagine the comfort of knowing your Easter Sunday guests won’t step in doo-doo after you’ve spent hours coloring eggs for them to hunt!

Maybe you’re hosting your sister’s dog-friendly baby shower?  Hey, we won’t judge you if you’re throwing a birthday party for your Corgi with his 9 best pals, complete with pup-cakes.  We might even be able to give you some tips.  (Our dogs mean everything, after all right?)  Even if you just fall behind during a particular season, and need help catching up, we’ve got you covered.  Get the clean space you need and save some time by letting us scoop up the problem!  

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Our one-time scoops around the OKC metro start at just $40!

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