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Our residential service plans can free you up to do more of what you like to do, instead of the dirty, smelly tasks that take up your valuable time.  Growing up, picking up the dog poop was always the chore I hated most, so the fact that this business exists is kind of ironic.  Who knew back then that the task of back yard toilet cleaner was the thing that would provide my family’s livelihood years down the line?  It’s not the most enjoyable of tasks for the busy parent or even the angsty teenager, but when you make a living doing it, and see how it improves the lives of the folks in your own community, it becomes a chore that pays the bills and gives our team pride!

Keeping the lawns of our neighbors cleaned up from their dog mess is actually our pride and joy!  When you strike a monthly service agreement with us, we can customize it to you and your dog’s specific needs.  If you have 2 chihuahuas, your large lawn might only need service every other week, but as a multiple Great Dane family, we practically pick up our own lawn daily! Somewhere between weekly and twice a week is a prefect landing spot for most families.  If you have a commercial need, we may have to come a lot more to get the result you and your clientele desire.

Our highly trained service technicians will present themselves to your property at your specified weekly time, and scour your property for all of your pooches piles.  If you’re going to be home, great!  We’d love to greet you and pet your pup!  We understand that folks are busy, though- that’s why you wanted this service in the first place, right?  If you’re out, that’s not problem.  With access codes, keys to gates, or even our own lock if you prefer, we can securely allow ourselves into your back yard and take care of everything.  We’ll leave your lawn free of debris without a trace of our presence.

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Seeing our furry clients is the highlight of our day for those who like to see us, but we’ve found some of our customers are quite protective! We understand that and want to keep our technicians and your dogs safe, so in the rare case that your dog may be a little angry with us, we can communicate and work with you so our presence doesn’t cause stress for your best friend! We’ll arrange to come at a time when your floofs are safely inside and they can escape again to a cleaned up space!

To avoid cross contamination, we always sanitize and cleanse our equipment between each poop scoop service visit using the highest quality antibacterial and antimicrobial disinfectants. We also use strong and odor blocking bags to collect the waste and, again, to avoid cross-contaminating between homes, we will leave the waste contained in your own garbage bin.

We like to make our process as easy as possible, so if there’s something we can do to make it more seamless for your situation, just let us know!
There’s never any obligation, but we know you’ll love our service so much that we’ll be seeing your lawn (and maybe you) quite often!
We guarantee your satisfaction, all for as low as $9 per pick up!

"Call the pooper-scooper already!"

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