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Pooper Scooper Service Oklahoma City

We Scoop The Poop OKC, Oklahoma - Fur baby can't help scoop
Your new fur baby Can't Help you scoop...BUT WE CAN!

Love your pets, but hate the mess of poop? We’ve got your back (yard!) Oklahoma City metro area’s doggy doo-doo scoopers here to scoop the smelly burden with our new pooper scooper service! We all have busy lives, not leaving enough time for our human friends and family- much less our fur babies!  We’ll get rid of your pet waste with the best services money can buy! Here’s some information to view:

Well, surprise, surprise….What company picks up dog poop?  You’ve found us! What does poop scoop mean? It means you’ve found someone who will come and do the chore for you! Who knew that there are people not only willing, but delighted to pick up your mischievous mongrel’s outdoor toilet?! Introducing the area’s best kept secret… A DOG POOP REMOVAL SERVICE.

Yes! You can ACTUALLY pay someone to remove your pup’s doody for less than the price of lunch! Our back yard squad can free up your time, give you new freedom, and deter nuisance rodents, keep your grass healthier, and even reduce those pesky giant Okie flies this summer.

  • If your attempts at toilet training your pampered Pit bull or loyal Labrador have been less than successful, give us a call! 
  • Would you pack a lunch ONCE a week to keep from having to do this crappy chore?
  • If you’re in or near Oklahoma City, this is just the thing for you!

Maybe you’ve found yourself unable to physically handle the chore, but love the companionship of your cuddly canine. We’ve got your pet waste management company solution!

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“Too Broken,
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Too Tired”

We cover all of the greater OKC metro area including Oklahoma City, Edmond, Bethany, The Village, Nichols Hills, Moore, Norman, Midtown area, Midwest City, Del City, Yukon & Mustang. Anywhere in Central Oklahoma.

Hire our “number 2” crew to deal with the doo! Whoever thought we’d even have the option of a new thing like a dog poop service?? It’s not the Jetson’s scenario I dreamt of as a kid, but I’ll take the convenience!

Make THEIR Business, OURS with one of these services!

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Residential Poop Service

We offer new Oklahoma City and surrounding residential plans on a weekly, biweekly, or every other week schedule. For a family with 1-2 animals, we recommend once weekly pick ups. If you’ve got larger breeds, twice weekly, or toy breeds may just need the every-other-week set up. We’d love to visit with you and meet your needs, and exceed your expectations. Our trained technician will take their time to comb your property for every little (or large) landmine, always confirming your yard is 100% free of the debris. We guarantee your satisfaction, all for as low as $9 per pick up! Call NOW!

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Commercial Pooper Scoopers

Do you have a pet friendly business in or around Oklahoma City with a new or old potty area? Manage an apartment complex? Community HOA area? Have a different custom need? We partner with veterinary offices, boarding kennels and daycare centers, grooming salons, animal training facilities, even community areas and parks. Ask us about getting our self-serve canine waste stations set up at your location so your clients or community has the ability to enjoy the space, and a way to pick up after their own messy mutts. We’ll come empty, maintain, refill supplies, and sanitize your station on a schedule that fits your needs and keeps your doodie duty off the radar. Get in touch with us today for a FREE commercial poo picker upper quote.

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​Special Event Dog Waste Removal

Now offering new one-time residential or commercial collections. Moving in or out of some place with a mess in Oklahoma City? Family reunion and football cookout? Does planning a party got you pooped? Are you the host for the holidays? Are a dozen kids about to scour your oasis to hunt Easter eggs? Let us ensure they don’t find that one SPECIAL egg with their Sunday shoe, or worse… Get the clear space you need and save some time by unloading their loads on us! Give us a call today for a customized quote for your one-time need! Or better yet, set it and forget it.

Hire us and never worry about stepping in it again!

​One time scoops starting at just $40!

Why A Poop Service?

We all love our furry friends (well, the decent among us) and want what’s best for them AND our families. Sometimes the balance has to tip one way or the other. My mother always said, “Dirty kitchen, happy home,” but what about the grass where we play? Stuck on grease is hardly as troublesome as a defecation station on your property. Aside from the crud you collect with your shoe (or worse, bare foot) there are countless bacteria & parasites (worms) that live in those little piles. This can cause disease in other pets and can be harmful to humans. Mowing over pet waste, though tempting, doesn’t help as it just spreads it around. Did you know that their do-do can take months to fully decompose- and still leave behind it’s germs? Dog feces is not fertilizer like cow manure. It is high in nitrogen and phosphorous, so it kills grass when left in place too long (you know those little yellow spots.) According to the folks who have actually studied this, the average dog excretes approximately three quarters of a pound of the stuff a day! Have 2 fur babies? That’s about 550lbs of heavy lifting per year we can take off your tired hands and aching back! Protect your precious time, health, lawn and pups with our year round no contract butler type experience. You’ll feel pampered, for the price of a pizza

We SCoop the Poop OKC, Oklahoma - man-and-dog-in-bed-with-phone
"Just do it, Dad! The lawn is a mess and you know it"

~Rowdy, proud mutt

How Do The Poop Services Work?

Give us a call, or fill out our form to schedule your new start up! We’d love to meet you and your tail-waggers at your first appointment- especially if they will be outside on our regularly scheduled visits. After that, it’s not necessary for you to be home when we come, unless you just want to be. We love all yappers and barkers, or we wouldn’t be all up in their business, so to speak. We get along great with just about all of our fuzzy & slick-coated clients alike- but in the case of an especially protective pooch, or naggy nipper, please arrange for them to be inside or otherwise safely restrained for our protection and theirs. We will need access to your space, so if you have a lock, we ask that you simply unlock it on the day of service or just give us the code. We can even loan you a lock for the duration of our arrangement, if you choose. If your gate stays unlocked, no problem! Rest assured, we will always make sure your gate is securely closed and latched to contain your babies upon our departure, unlike the teenage kid who mowed for you that one time. As the parents of “runners” we know what panic feels like when Fido gets loose…

We Scop the Poop OKc, Oklahoma - Rottweiler and Chihuahua feeding

Dog Feeding Guide

Dog Weight Quantity
Up to 10 lb
1/4 to 3/4 cup
10 to 25 lb
3/4 to 2 cups
26 to 50 lbs
2 to 3 cups
51 to 75 lbs
3 to 4 cups
76 to 150 lbs
4 to 5 cups

Metro Area Poop Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does poop scooping cost?

For as low as $9 per waste cleaning, you can have our pooper scooper services at your home in nothing flat. Even in January, we’re here to serve your area. Our dogs rank right up there among the most important beings in our lives. Our little (or big) troops are there to support us, no matter how we feel. For less than the price of our coffee habit, you too can have your back yard scooped and regularly picked up from the waste our precious puppos produce. 

How do I sign up for a clean yard with poop services?

Simple! Give us a call now at 405-708-7558, or submit a form at the top of any page of our site. Our family-owned company scoopers will be back with you in a flash, and get you set up for pet waste help. 

Do I have to sign a service contract, because that’s lame.

Absolutely not! We never require a subscription, minimum number or any kind of contract. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy- and that means parting ways any time our agreement becomes unmanageable for your budget. We will always do our best to give the absolute best services to you and your pets, though… so we know you’ll stay a long time when you’re happy with our poop scoops!

Do I need to be home when you poop scoop my area?

No way! Our services made for our busy Oklahoma neighbors to have the ease of working from home and not dealing with the mess OR for people who are just NOT home that much! You’ll know when we’re coming to pick up the yard because of our excellent communication, so you’ll be prepared to unlock the gate and make sure any pets who are protective of their poop space are locked up or inside. Most of our client pups love our technicians, but some dogs are especially uncomfortable with strangers and we understand! We are also happy to provide you with a complimentary lock for your gate if you don’t have one, because we can’t be allowing our folks to be jumping fences. Haha. It could be fun, but darn the liability.

What days will you come to the yard?

We operate weekdays and occasional Saturdays as necessary. Sometimes scheduling conflicts with the weird weather, but we’ll always let you know and make it work! We do give the techs off the days you don’t want us there anyhow, like New Years, Labor Day, Memorial Day, the 4th Of July, Christmas and Thanksgiving.  

Where do you put dog poop after scooping?

Our poop scoopers travel all over the metro area to clean dog poop from yards. We bring all our own equipment, including scented triple-thick bags, and will dispose of the waste in your own container. This is to prevent inadvertent cross-contamination between our great pet clients.

How do you sanitize your equipment after each home?

All of our equipment and technician shoes are sanitized between every home to prevent cross contamination of your lawn and outdoor spaces. You and your dogs (and your regularly cleared lawn) are our number one priority. We use only commercial grade disinfectant and virucides. The formula kill possible pet contaminants like canine distemper, bordetella, and parvovirus, among others.

What is the best pooper scooper services?

The best is the one that comes to YOU and lets you free of the smelly burden! LOL In all seriousness, we’ve certainly tried every tool of the trade over the years, and we’ve found that the ole rake and scooper tend to be the best for our large demand needs! If you’re doing some occasional spot cleaning, a single hand jaw grabber do a pretty good job. One can always turn to the tried-and-true doggy bag turned inside out trick, the way we do when we’re walking our own dogs. The bottom line is that it’s all part of being a great pet parent- cleaning up after and taking care of our sweet little pups is a high priority. Hiring us to do the heavy lifting and picking up on those walks immediately elevates you to “best dog parent” status! How luxurious! 

Metro Area Poop Troops are at your service!

To prevent cross contamination of each animal’s unique germs, our new equipment is sanitized between each and every appointment with high grade disinfectant that destroys distemper, bordetella, and parvovirus among other unwanted bacteria. We don’t require contracts, but we allow you the ease of auto-pay so that your spotless lawn never stops magically appearing, week after week, month after month- just like the towels in the bathroom, without the hassle on Mom. There are no start up fees, though an additional charge (usually around $15) will apply if there’s more than a week’s worth of new excrement (or you held your annual kennel club meeting and hosted 20 GSDs on your grass last Tuesday…) After that, your services start as low as $9 per visit! We be there, no matter the weather- unless those sirens are blaring and it’s NOT noon on Saturday… Of course, there may be other RARE extreme circumstances that could come up (this IS Oklahoma) and in that case, we will work an arrangement to our mutual benefit and ease. As always, we guarantee your satisfaction, so on the off chance that you’re not happy, we’ll make it right- right away.

On poop scoop day, we’re like, so peaceful, dude…

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If you can’t teach ’em this new trick, call US to clean nature’s toilet…
But if you HAVE taught them call us too!
Because COOL!

We Cheerfully offer a discount to the following folks!

Thank you for your outstanding aid to our Nation, State and Community We are OKIE STRONG together.

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Senior Citizens
The Disabled
Client Referral

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Now Poop Scooping all area Oklahoma City Locations including Oklahoma and Cleveland County

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