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If you have a commercial poop-scooping need in or around Oklahoma City, we are here for you! Businesses, parks, home owner’s associations and pet-friendly community spaces in the metro have specialized needs above the standard lawn of a pet-lover. That’s why we offer services to our fellow local Oklahoma business owners as well.  We have a stellar reputation in providing poop scooping and pet waste management services for several HOA’s and other large commercial spaces.

Apartment complexes only have so many maintenance staff and they probably didn’t sign on for doodie duty.  There will always be those people who aren’t prepared to pick up after their pets, or just don’t have the courtesy to.  Let We Scoop The Poop OKC come to your aid!  We can keep your area clean on a regular basis with a schedule of your choosing.  Maybe you’re a veterinarian, grooming salon owner or even a training facility.  Would having one less thing to do be helpful?  No need to task a highly trained employee to get rid of the mess!  Let us come to you and scoop that poop for way less than the cost of another employee.  We have provided custom plans to animal training facilities, neighborhoods, parks, hotels and more!

Maybe you’re not looking for someone to remove the mess for you, but want to provide self-serve canine waste stations at your location? You’ve already taken the time to invest in an outdoor area for your guests… Now give your customers or community the clean spaces they deserve and the experience they expect with a way to clean up after their own messy mutts. If you haven’t built your outdoor dream space yet, start by contacting our local friends at Backyard Builder OKC for any deck, pergola, or fencing you need, then give us a call!  After your dog-friendly space is created, we’ll partner with you on the best maintenance poop-scooping plan best suits your needs, or get with us about placing receptacles.

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We’ll get going right away. We’ll come empty, maintain, refill supplies, and even sanitize your station on a schedule that fits your busy business owner’s schedule and keeps your client’s pet mess off your radar. 

Have you ever been with with your dog somewhere and forgot the bag? You search frantically through your bag or car, to no avail. If only every place we visited had waste stations! That little touch takes a regular business to a whole new level of service for their clients. It’s an extra touch that makes a big impression, with a pretty small budget! 

Imagine the satisfaction of your customers when they meet a beautiful and welcoming space for them and their best doggo friends. Not only is there a great space provided, but it’s impeccably well maintained. Everything your client needs to pick up after their pooch is conveniently located and nicely appointed. They get the full experience at your business, and they’ll tell their friends. The next thing you know, your business is booming!

​Get in touch with us today for a FREE commercial poo picker upper quote or to talk with us about waste station placement.

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